The KnowledgeTAP Marketing System:
Bringing marketing into the 21st century for print organizations.

A new era for print organizations.

While marketing professionals continue to engage in traditional marketing, new technologies are dramatically changing the marketing landscape. Marketers understand the value of inbound, outbound, content and social marketing and play in these arenas simultaneously. They are skilled, determined, and savvy. They want every available marketing channel offered to them with explanations and examples, and they will test and pursue what works. They are looking for intelligent partners to deliver on all levels of product quality, technology, service, cost v. value, and tracking of ROI. While print is ferociously alive and one cornerstone of a sound marketing plan, the plan looks different today than it did five years ago. So where do you fit in? Are you a one-dimensional print organization or a multi–dimensional marketing and communications company who has marketing intelligence and content to deliver directly into the hands of your clients and prospects?

How will KnowledgeTAP help?

KnowledgeTAP separates you from the crowd. Through content, positioning and thought leadership, the KnowledgeTAP products you deliver to your clients are unique in format, surprisingly unexpected, and educational in content. The program can enhance your existing marketing plan, or serve as your primary marketing touch points. Created BY marketers, FOR marketers, KnowledgeTAP provides you with twelve coordinated pieces of powerful marketing collateral for you to produce and deliver under your brand, to your clients and prospects. (Exclusivity through zone-protected agreements.)

What are the twelve deliverables?

IdeaTAP©:  A quarterly 16-page plus cover micro-publication with a target audience of marketing and print buying professionals. Customized and branded to your organization.

QuickTAP©:  Expanded from articles within the micro-publication, these individual marketing collateral pieces are designed to move your audience between your online and offline presence with unique content presented in digital formats.

OnTAP©:  A Marketing Asset Library developed specifically for KnowledgeTAP member clients. From direct mail to how-to guides, this content will be specific to services and capabilities offered by today’s modern print organizations.

TAP-In©:  The CMO Team scouts out fun and free industry-specific offers and promotions for you to take directly to your clients.

Want more information?

For more information contact Cindy Woods, President & CEO of The CMO Team at: or call 678-594-0048 Ext 102.

KnowledgeTAP™, QuickTAP™, OnTAP™ and TAP-In™ are products of The CMO Team. Exclusive zone-protected agreements are required, availability is limited.