Companies working from a plan achieve better results than companies that don’t have a strategy. So what stops the majority of companies from having a well-crafted 12-24 month business plan? Regardless of company size, the answer usually is they don’t know where to begin. The CEO Track can get you started on a plan that will drive powerful results. We’ve facilitated dozens of strategic planning sessions with companies ranging from less than a million in sales to internationally recognized industry leaders.

Growth Strategies don’t end with your company’s sales and marketing plan. There are more merger and acquisition opportunities than ever before – but there are minefields as well. We can help you consider and execute a successful growth by acquisition plan.

CEO Track Expertise

  • Strategic Business Assessments
  • Pre-planning and Leadership Surveys
  • Planning Retreats and Facilitation
  • Practical Experience and Advice on Execution
  • Plan Follow-up and Accountability
  • Preparing for an “M&A” Event
  • M&A Candidate Search and Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Implementation and Communication

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